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  • 5% Discount on all M2C apparel
  • Early access to Podcast Episodes
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94 Latest episodes

Jul 03, 2024 S04 E14 00:33:40

The storm was real, the water was overtaking the boat, but Jesus was asleep.  Join us as we ask the question, "Lord how should we respond to the storm?"

Scriptures:Mark 4:34-41Proverbs 3:4-6Psalm 1Support the Show.To learn more visit: w...

Jun 19, 2024 S04 E13 01:05:45

God loves us enough to use our time on earth to refine us, demonstrate His glory through us and allow us to accumulate eternal rewards.  In this episode we dig into the encouragement in God's Word to withstand the trials and tribulations of this life...

Jun 10, 2024 00:12:54

In this quick update Tiana clarifies some of the language she used in the previous episode. Support the Show.To learn more visit:
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Jun 05, 2024 S04 E12 01:10:25

Yes, it's true the world is becoming more and more evil.  That means even more opportunities to let our light shine!

ScripturesMatthew 5: 14-16Ephesians 6:12-181Timothy 4:1-2Romans 1:18-321 Peter 3:8-172 Peter 3:3-131 Corinthians 5Psalm 144S...

May 15, 2024 S04 E11 01:17:58

Paul, wrapping up a compelling narrative to Born Again Christians wraps up with Romans 8:37 "We are more than conquers...".  What does that really mean?  Join us in this episode as we go through Romans 7 & 8 to see what a precious gift Jesus...

May 01, 2024 S04 E10 00:29:53

Yes the days are getting darker and yes we're ready to meet Jesus, but there is still a lot to do until He comes!

Psalm 119:1-48Support the Show.To learn more visit:
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Apr 17, 2024 S04 E09 00:39:35

"He wraps Himself in light...." Psalm 104:2  Join us as we celebrate the majesty and care our Good Shepherd has for us his people.

Scriptures:Psalm 104Ezra 8:22-23Luke 12:22-381 Corinthians 2:92 Peter 1:3 & 4Support the Show.To lear...

Apr 03, 2024 S04 E08 00:48:22

Join us in this very special episode as we talk with the President and one of the Founders of That They May Have Life pregnancy center.  Val shares her amazing story of finding true life in Jesus and serving Him in her small town.


Mar 20, 2024 S04 E07 00:54:36

Are you aware of your important role in the Body of Christ?  Join us as we dig into what the Bible teaches us about being a member of the Body of Christ.

Scriptures:1 Corinthians 12-13Matthew 5 & 13Psalm 68
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Mar 06, 2024 S04 E06 01:31:48

Are you in or have you been in a hopeless situation?  In this episode Paul and Tiana talk about the hopelessness of man-made religion vs. the true life found only in Jesus.  Join us as we charge every Believer to live by the Spirit and bring the true hope...